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Print Version Twisted Therapy Very Easy Sudoku

Print Version Twisted Therapy Very Easy Sudoku

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Unlock the soothing power of puzzles with Twisted Therapy Very Easy Sudoku!

Designed for beginners and those seeking a relaxing mental escape, this book is your perfect companion for unwinding after a long day or kickstarting your brain in the morning.

 Gentle Challenges: 100 very easy Sudoku puzzles that gently stimulate your mind without causing frustration.

Stress Relief: Experience the calming effect of focused problem-solving, a perfect therapy for a busy mind.

Beginner-Friendly: Clear instructions and helpful tips make this book ideal for those new to Sudoku.

Dive into the world of Sudoku with confidence and ease. Twisted Therapy Very Easy Sudoku promises a delightful and satisfying puzzle-solving experience for all ages. 

Embrace the twist, enjoy the therapy, and discover the joy of Sudoku!

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ISBN 978-1-304-66834-9
Book, 56 Pages
Print Book: US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)
Standard Black & White
60# White
Matte Cover

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